Progress 1

28 March 2016

Making the Solar system of the game:

Progress 1

4 Responses

  1. Bagus Says:

    This is our solar system? I heard now we have 12 planets instead of 8 planets

  2. albertcahyawan Says:

    We have only 8 Planets now sir in our solar system. and 9 if you considered pluto(Which is some still consider it’s as planet and some don’t).

  3. Bagus Says:

    check this albert

  4. albertcahyawan Says:

    Well it’s considered as “Dwarf planets” not Planets.I’m basically making only planets within our solar system only and not the dwarf planets or even the asteroid belt within 4th and 5th planets Mars and jupiter since we have limited time. beside it’s would be difficult to have it as usually dwarf planets tend to have no clear path.

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