Knight Of Alvania


This is an interactive concentration in which player will go on an adventure as a Knight in conquest of defeating evil dragon and his minion in order to restore word peace to the world of ALVANIA from chaos and order brought by the evil dragon.

In order to progress in the game, the player must defeat the evil dragon minion and through a match card system in which the player will be able to attack or put defenses against enemy attack by matching a set of card. If the player match wrong set of card the player hero will receive damage and if the hero Hp bar reach zero the player will get a gameover where player will not get any point .However if the player defeat the enemies the player will get some gold in which the can exchange for item or increase their hero status to strengthen their hero.

A multi-player version of the game allows several player to coop-up to defeat enemy or do a duel between each other

Target Market

The target market of this game would be preadolescent children from the age of 8 – 12

Game Type: Memory Game
Game Title : Hero Of alvania

Core game Mechanics

Player will do a match a card game in which they will be attack if the match a card and the enemy will attack if the player match the wrong card.


Defeat The evil Dragon to restore peace in the world of Alvania


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